SBLY is a small group of creative individuals working at the intersection of social media and technology. Whether it's publishing, e-commerce, or games, we're constantly experimenting to create experiences that reach millions around the world.

We are a private, independent, and profitable company that has taken no outside funding to date.


Shareably Media was started by Kevin Chen and Peter Kim in their apartment in the summer of 2015 after graduating UC Berkeley together.

In 2017, Shareably Media hit 8 figures in yearly revenue and made its first two hires.

In 2018, Shareably Media served its 1 billionth unique user.

In 2019, Shareably Media doubled its team and started two new divisions -- e-commerce and games. The e-commerce division grossed over $600k within its first 6 months.

In 2020, Shareably Media was rebranded to SBLY to encompass our expanding divisions and to better reflect our new goals as a company.

We are currently located in Los Angeles.


Shareably Media Network - publishing network that reaches 50 million readers a month around the world.

RONProject - invite-only content management system and ad monetization solution built for written content creators.

SBLY E-commerce - In progress

SBLY Games - In progress


Kevin Chen - Cofounder

Peter Kim - Cofounder

Inno Asuncion - Director of Operations

Kevin Xie - Product Engineering Lead

Spencer Schack - Product Engineering Lead

Jená Lowe - Editorial Lead

John Lee - Product Engineering Lead, Games

Alex Hsu - Operations Lead

Aaron Lau - Operations Lead