Operations Lead, E-commerce

SBLY is seeking a full-time member to join its E-commerce team! We're looking to fill this role by December 2020 with a flexible start date in January 2021. This will be the first time the e-commerce team will be hiring for an operations position and we're excited about the possibility of working with someone that's looking to lead, grow, and make an impact with their work.

What does Operations Lead in E-commerce do at SBLY?

At SBLY, operations is a cross-functional position where you're expected to own projects, wear multiple hats, and drive the growth of the company. Operations team members may revamp existing business processes, work side by side with our product engineering team to develop future products, and launch or acquire new brands to add to our portfolio. The role requires someone who is highly analytical, approaches problems in a structured manner, and is comfortable with ambiguity.

As the first operations hire in the E-commerce division, you'll work closely with the cofounders and the Director of E-commerce to execute SBLY's long-term e-commerce vision.

Some things you will work on include:

SBLY's HQ is in Los Angeles, but we're open to remote as long as you're located in the US.

About You

You're someone with 2-5 years of operational, consulting, product management, or finance experienced who is looking for fulfilling and impactful work. You're a go-getter who thrives in a fast-paced work environment that can work autonomously. Maybe you also want to surround yourself with smart people that will help you learn. Maybe you want to work for a company that cares about employee lifestyle. If any of those reasons resonates with you, let's talk!

About Us

SBLY, formerly known as Shareably, has been using media and technology to build digital brands and audiences since 2015. Our first product Shareably, a web publishing network, has reached over 1 billion unique users and profitably generated more than $75M in revenue with $0 in outside funding. As a private, independent, and profitable company, no one influences major company decisions except ourselves.

We pride ourselves on a culture that optimizes for lifestyle, impactful work, and transparency. We're also of the strong belief that a company is only as good as the people in it. Our current team members have studied at universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern and worked at industry-leading companies such as Affirm, Clutter, Instagram, Instacart, Indiegogo, and Stripe.

Compensation and benefits:

Our salary for the Operations Lead, E-commerce position is $125,000 and we will be offering 0.10% of equity.

We offer a compensation and benefits package that optimizes for our employee's lifestyles. All employees get unlimited PTO (we averaged 3-4 weeks per year pre-COVID!) and are encouraged to use it. We allow a flexible work schedule as long as you have a couple hours of overlap between your teammates. We're of the belief that building a company is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed as much as possible, but it shouldn't take away from the personal goals you also have.

Employees receive a fully paid top-tier medical, dental, vision plan and a 401(k) plan with a 3% salary match. We also have non-guaranteed year-end cash bonuses based on overall company performance.

From day one, we've believed that people produce their best work when they're enjoying their work and when they have the optimal work-life balance. No matter how much we grow, this core value will never change.

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SBLY Handbook

Interested in applying?

Please send your resume along with a short blurb about yourself to recruiting@sbly.com with the following subject:

[SBLY] Operations Lead, E-commerce Application - [YOUR FULL NAME HERE]

Please detail why you see yourself as an ideal fit for the role and our company.

About the interview process

We'll be reviewing all applications submitted until December 4th. Due to the amount of applications we typically receive, we unfortunately will not be able to respond to everyone.

The interview will consist of an intro call with a cofounder, a homework question, several Zoom interviews with members of our e-commerce team, and a final culture interview call with our other cofounder.

We're looking to make an offer in December 2020 for a flexible start date in January 2021.

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